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Roof Asset Management
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I am astounded at the number of roofs I survey that are being prematurely replaced. I was recently on a roof that was less than 4 years old and had been hit by hail. As I surveyed the roof, I kept asking myself, "Why is this roof being replaced?" The roof was in good condition with almost no physical damage. I counted eight hail impacts in an area that was over 53,000 square feet in size! That's one impact for every 6,625 square feet. The cost to replace this roof was approximately $350,000, and it could have been repaired for less than 1% of that.

Another example of premature roof replacement involved a roof that was said to be 10 years old. The roof did have several leaks, all reparable, but the owners' representatives were advised by their roofing consultants to replace the roof. The cost of this one was $3.3 million dollars!

These are just two examples of hundreds. I estimate that at least half of all roofs I survey are being prematurely replaced, and what really gets me is that in most cases, roofing consultants are involved. This makes it hard to understand why owners are getting the wrong advice.
So how can this wastefulness stop?

There's a specialized part of the roofing industry known as Roof Asset Management. Roof asset management is "The Proactive Management of a Building's Roof." It's knowing how to provide long-term roofing options, and how to provide short-term options. It's knowing when to repair a roof, when to refurbish, when to replace, and when to do nothing. It's working with an owner's operations and accounting departments on budgeting, forecasting, and capitalization vs. expensing options. It's not just being there when there is a roof issue, it's being there when there isn't one. It's knowing the roof so well, that if a question about the roof arises out of the blue, a proper answer can quickly be provided. To sum it up, proper roof asset management is working with the owner to make the right roofing decisions, because the primary responsibilities of a roof asset management company are to save the owner money and headaches.

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