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Disclaimer & Safety Information

The information found in this website or in any electronic transmissions (email) is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace or change any specifications, recommendations, or requirements of the individual roofing material manufacturers or the local, state, and federal building code requirements in your area. Any question or inquiry as to the requirements, or specifications of a manufacturer, should be directed to the roofing manufacturer concerned. All manufacturers have technical departments to assist individuals with their roofing questions and concerns. Some of the technical data herein may vary slightly according to the manufacturer. RoofHelp and all affiliates take no responsibility for the safety of any individuals involved in, or for the proper construction of, any roof related projects. Roofing is dangerous – BE SAFE!

Safety Tips for All

Safety should be first and foremost on your mind when working on a roof.
  • Be aware at all times of your location. In other words, don't fall off the roof because you aren't watching where you're going.
  • Don't walk backwards on a roof. People have been know to trip over pipes, gas lines, etc. and nearly fall off the roof.
  • Watch for power lines.
  • Don't play or wrestle near hot tar kettles.
  • Don't wander too near the edge of the roof and watch out for loose granules or other debris that may cause you to slip and fall.
  • Stay off of sloped roofs when it's wet.
  • Stay off of all roofs when there's a possibility of lightning.
  • If the roof slope exceeds 6:12, strongly consider the use of fall safety equipment. 
  • The ladder should be long enough so that the top extends 3 feet above the edge of the roof (OSHA Mandate). Tie your ladder off so that it can't blow over or be stolen while you're on the roof (it happens).
  • Don't leave wheelbarrows, insulation carts, etc. on sloped roofs as they may roll off.
  • Don't leave rolls of material where they may roll off.
  • If it's a flat roof, make sure the material rolls are at least 4 feet from the roof perimeter.
  • Don't stack too many materials in one area as they could fall through the roof.
  • Be careful near large roof openings that you could fall through.
  • Wear proper clothing when working with hot tar (long sleeve shirts, gloves, hats, eye protection...)
  • Plug all compressors and power tools into grounded outlets only.
  • Don't roof naked.



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