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Frequently Asked Questions
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Below are some questions that keep recurring. We will be adding to this section as needed. Also, after we add a few more, we'll start organizing the questions.

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I have architectural shingles. The shingles have separated into two pieces. Can you please tell me what's going on?

When you nail an architectural shingle, there is a small area about 3/4" of an inch wide where the shingles are supposed to be nailed. It is very easy to miss this area. Chances are, that's what happened. There will be a nail line showing where the nails are to be placed. Nails should not vary more than 1/4" from this line.

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This doesn't mean that the sealant hasn't failed, but most likely it's improper fastening which is almost certain what the manufacturer will tell you if you turn in a complaint about it.

I want to use staples instead of nails to install my shingles. Is this method approved?

No. Never use staples to install asphalt shingles.

One contractor says a nail gun is better and another says hand nailing is better. Which is the preferred method?

Hand nailing allows better control and is the way to go. However, it's usually more affordable to use a gun because hand nailing is more labor intensive. If a gun is used, the pressure should be regulated to keep from damaging the shingle by overdriving the nails. Some guns have built-in pressure regulators, and some don't. Typically, the tank pressure should not exceed 90 psi; the gun will have the recommendation on it.





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