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Hints & Tips

The #1 key ingredient to a good roof is proper installation. The best roofing materials in the world are worthless if they are installed incorrectly.  Be very careful when choosing a roofing contractor.

The following piece of advice refers to all types of roofing. Never install insulation up against the underside of a wood roof deck. This will expedite deterioration of the deck and cause it to weaken and warp. This will happen in about a five to fifteen year time span depending on your geographical location. The expenses that this will incur are: (1) Redecking your building. These expenses will usually start at $1.50 per square foot and go up from there, depending on the type of wood deck that you use. (2) You'll have to reinsulate the building. Because the insulation was on the backside of the roof deck, when the deck is torn off, the insulation will go with it. (3) You will be reroofing the building prematurely. Insulation installed on the underside of the deck rather than at the ceiling level will not only lead to premature deck deterioration but also to premature roof system deterioration. No roofing manufacturer will warrant roofing materials with insulation installed on the backside of the deck.

Why is it detrimental? Heat absorbed by the roof system gets trapped at the deck level. This heat will cause the decking to warp and, in the case of plywood, the laminates used to hold the plywood layers together will fail.

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