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Hints & Tips
Roof Algae Discoloration

The following pictures represent a worldwide problem that is common throughout most of the United States and is very prevalent in the southeastern and northwestern parts of the country. This particular problem was encountered approximately 35 miles outside of Kansas City, Kansas. The discoloration that you see is the result of algae. The build-up of algae will expedite deterioration of the roofing materials and can also raise energy costs. If the roof on a building is white it will help reflect the sun's rays and keep the interior of the building cooler. Roofs whose color is darkened by algae will absorb the sun's rays which can heat the interior and raise energy costs.

algae1.jpg (8224 bytes)

There are several ways to alleviate this problem. One is to hose down the roof with diluted bleach or chlorine. Bleach and chlorine are very effective but they can also kill all the surrounding vegetation and cause a discomforting odor. Another way is to install some algae-resistant shingles. But sometimes roofs that look bad aren't necessarily ready for replacement.

There are two good ways to solve the problem. Take a look at the following picture. Notice below each penetration the roof is white like it’s supposed to be. This is because when rain runs off of zinc, it cleans the algae off of the shingles. Zinc strips installed along both sides of the ridge will eventually clean the algae from the roof.

algae2.jpg (12899 bytes)

Another good way is to apply environmentally friendly chemical compounds for immediate results. Click here for more information about removing algae from your roof.



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