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Articles by Ron Hungarter, a home inspection expert and roofing tool inventor

RoofHelp receives a good number of requests for books and videos. The technical manuals that the authors finds useful would probably not appeal to most homeowners. However, there are many references available that will help answer many roof related questions and assist you with solving most roof-related problems. The difficult part is locating these references. RoofHelp would like to simplify that task.

Visit for literary references on repairs, installations, and technical information. Keyword search for "roofs", "roofing", "roof engineering", and "roof repairs."

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) also has a vault of roofing information available including many videos. They can be found at

Important Disclaimer

All articles posted have been read by RoofHelp and found to contain information that is true to the best of our knowledge and research efforts. RoofHelp holds no liability whatsoever of any kind for the information found in any references. RoofHelp and all affiliates take no responsibility for the safety of any individuals involved in or around, or for the proper construction of, any roof projects. Roofing is dangerous – BE SAFE!



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