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Licensing Requirements

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Even if a state doesn't require a license, you should verify whether you have to be registered with the state in order to do business in that state.

Even though this information is reliable, you should always verify licensing requirements with your state and local (city and county) authorities.

States That Require a  Roofing License

States That Don't Require a  Roofing License

Alaska - Specialty license required
Alabama - Specialty license required
Arizona - C42 license required
Arkansas - Requires license to perform commercial roofing. Not sure if residential roofing requires a license. Residential licenses are available for Residential Builder and Residential Remodeler. Arkansas has license exam reciprocity with Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.
California - Class C specialty license required
District of Columbia - Home Improvement Contractor license is required for projects over $300. Not sure if this entails roofing or not but the safe assumption is yes, it does.
Florida - Division 2 license required.
Illinois - Most construction contractors don't need to be licensed in Illinois. Roofing contractors are the exception.
Massachusetts - Crew supervisors, even a crew of one, must be licensed. There are also registration requirements for one- to four-unit, owner occupied buildings.
Michigan - Residential Builder license or Maintenance and Alteration Contractor license required.
Minnesota - The Minnesota Department of Commerce licenses residential builders and remodelers. Residential: you must have a license and pass the residential roofer trade exam.
Mississippi - Commercial: required. Residential Building license require to build any residence which is three stories or less in height if the cost of the project is more than $50,000. A Residential Remodeler's license is required to remodel any residence if the cost of the project is more than $10,000. If you don't reside in Mississippi and you have a license from a state whose licensing requirements are equal to those in Mississippi, you don't need a Mississippi license.
Nevada - Classification C-15 license required
New Mexico - Construction Contractor's license required.
North Carolina - Specialty contractor's license required.
North Dakota - License required for any project of $2,000 or more.
Oregon - License and bonding required
Rhode Island - Rhode Island law requires anyone who is in the business of home construction, alteration, remodeling or repair to residences of from 1 thru 4 dwelling units, to be registered with the State of Rhode Island Building Contractor's Registration Board. To find out if a residential contractor or commercial roofer is licensed by the Rhode Island Contractors' Registration Board call (401) 222-1268
South Carolina - Specialty contractor's license required
Tennessee - You must have a residential or commercial or industrial contractor's license, or any combination of the three.
Utah - In Utah you need a license from the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. You can have a general roofing license or any of six roofing sub-categories.
Virginia - Roofing license required
West Virginia - A license is required to do construction projects.
Wisconsin - State Credentials are required for building contractors. Not sure if this includes roofing contractors but many roofing contractors have State Credentials.
Colorado - General construction contractors are not licensed by the state.
Connecticut - License is not required but contractors must be either certified for home improvement or new home construction. Large projects require that a contractor be registered. OUT OF STATE corporations must get a Certificate of Authority for Out-of-State Corporation from the Connecticut Secretary of State
Delaware - Contractors bidding on jobs over $50,000 must apply for a license.
District of Columbia
Georgia - Roofing license is not required. OUT OF STATE corporations must register with the Georgia Secretary of State in order to business in the state. NOTE: Legislation was passed in 2005 that requires general contractor's licensing, but roofing falls under the specialty exemption.
Idaho - Contractors doing private, residential or commercial work are not require to have any license in Idaho. Contractors doing public work construction are required to have a license.
Indiana - A license is not required to do roofing in Indiana.
Iowa - License not required to do roofing but you must be registered with the state to do business in Iowa.
Kansas - The state does not require licensing, but requirements should be verified at the local level.
Kentucky - A license is not required to do roofing in Kentucky.
Maine - A license is not required to do roofing in Maine.
Maryland - A license is not required to do roofing in Maryland.
Missouri - Missouri does not license construction contractors.
Montana - All construction contractors and subcontractors with employees must register with the Department of Labor and Industry. Registration is optional for contractors without employees.
Nebraska - All contractors doing business in counties with a population of 100,000 or more need a license to do business. If a Nebraska non-resident contractor does work in Nebraska, he must be registered.
New Hampshire - A license is not required to do roofing in Maine.
New Jersey - Home repair contractors are required to be licensed if they offer the ability to finance the work to be done.
New York - Contruction work is regulated at the local level.
Ohio - The state of Ohio doesn't license construction contractors. Licensing is regulated at the local level.
Oklahoma - The state of Oklahoma doesn't license resident construction contractors. There are special requirements for non-resident contractors.
Pennsylvania - Construction Contractors are not licensed in Pennsylvania. License or permit may be required at the local level.
South Dakota - A license is not required to do roofing in South Dakota.
Texas - A license is not required to do roofing in Texas.
Vermont - A license is not required to do roofing in Vermont.
Washington - License not required - Registration as a specialty contractor required. Bond must be posted with the state.
Wyoming - All contractors, except electrical, are licensed at the local (city or county) level.

*Information was updated August of 2010




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